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CeMM is an international, independent and interdisciplinary Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. “From the clinic to the clinic”: Driven by medical needs, CeMM integrates basic research and clinical expertise to pursue innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches focused on cancer, inflammation and immune disorders.

The PhD Program will train a new generation of researchers based on a novel, post-genomic, molecular understanding of biological and pathological systems and will thereby contribute to shaping the predictive, preventive and personalized (also termed “precise”) medicine of the future. To reach this goal, students will be made familiar not only with biomedical technologies, but also with the basic principles of cell- and molecular biology and the application of this knowledge for a molecular understanding of diseases and targeted therapeutic concepts. The PhD students will also learn how to navigate the complexity of translationally-minded multidisciplinary biomedical projects at the level of communication and management.

A key feature of the CeMM PhD Program is its collaborative and inter-disciplinary work style. Scientists with different backgrounds such as computer scientists, medical doctors, life scientists, mathematicians, chemists or physicists work together at CeMM to solve complex scientific problems.

Learn more about the groups participating in the CeMM PhD Program here.