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CeMM at Long Night of Research / Lange Nacht der Forschung #LNF24

Thank you to the CeMM Postdoc representatives who organized this year’s Long Night of Research #LNF24 activities at CeMM, and all volunteers who supported this event. It was a pleasure to welcome our visitors and to see their interest in research and medicine.

At various activity stations for children and adults, CeMM members tried to give a glimpse into wet lab methods and introduced Virtual Reality technology for exploring biological data, and to learn more about network science. We also provided general information about CeMM and the EU-LIFE alliance to our guests.

Recent advances in high-throughput technologies have created exciting…

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Wilhelm Exner Medal 2024 awarded to Giulio Superti-Furga

Congratulations to CeMM Director Giulio Superti-Furga, and MPI Director Ferdi Schüth, for receiving the Wilhelm Exner Medal this year.

Wilhelm Exner (1840-1931) was president of the Austrian Business Association. Exner established the modern type of vocational schools in Austria, was one of the creators of the Chamber of Labor and was co-founder of the Vienna Technical Museum. The law for examination and material testing goes also back to him. With the medal bearing his name, the Wilhelm Exner Medal Foundation has since honored eminent scientists whose theories, findings and results have initiated important trade-industrial applications.…

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17th CeMM Landsteiner Lecture by Molly Stevens and the 2023 Denise P. Barlow Award Ceremony

On May 13, 2024, the 17th CeMM Karl Landsteiner Lecture featured Dame Molly Stevens, John Black Professor of Bionanoscience at the University of Oxford and also Professor at Imperial College London and the Karolinska Institute. Her captivating lecture offered attendees, numbering around 350, profound insights into her groundbreaking research on designer biomaterials for applications in disease diagnostics and regenerative medicine.

The event commenced with a stirring performance by the Vienna-based Radio String Quartet, who delivered a captivating contemporary rendition of J.S. Bach's Presto from the G minor violin sonata, infusing it with…

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Prof. Dr. Hans Tuppy © Michael Sazel, CeMM (2009)

Obituary Hans Tuppy

We received the sad news that one of the most influential and highly respected scientists, science policymaker and politician of the 2nd Republic of Austria, Hans Tuppy, passed away in his 100th year of life. In his long, and active lifespan his footprint, dedication, and impact as a pioneering researcher in the field of biochemistry, as an academic teacher, and as a leading figure in the research/science policy arena – never denying his attitude as a scientist – cannot be overrated.

Hans Tuppy served this country and the scientific community of Austria as President of the Austrian Science Fund (1974–1982), as Rector of the University of…

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EU-LIFE Community Meeting 2024

It was a pleasure to be the host of the 11th EU-LIFE Community Meeting at CeMM in Vienna. Giulio Superti-Furga, Anita Ender and several CeMM representatives welcomed Marta Agostinho and the EU-LIFE office team, and the Board of Directors and Working Group members of the 15 EU-LIFE partner institutes.

The official EU-LIFE Community Meeting took place on Thursday, 25.4.2024, with more than 100 participants, contributing to 9 different Working Groups (Strategy, Core Facilities, Gender Equality and Diversity, Grants and Funding, IT, Human Resources, Training and Recruitment, Science Communications, and Tech Transfer). 7 out of 9 WG have already…

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2. Place of Houska-Prize 2024 for Giulio Superti-Furga and his team at CeMM

Congratulations to Giulio Superti-Furga and his team for having been awarded the 2. Houska Prize 2024 of the B&C Private Foundation in the highly competitive category ‘University Research’.

The Houska Prize Jury recognized the accomplishment of having identified Feeblin as a new therapeutic approach for autoimmune diseases and for the effort to translate this finding by developing a new drug in cooperation with the domestic business partner and CeMM spin-off company Solgate GmbH that was founded in 2020.

Giulio Superti-Furga and his team at CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences have created a…

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The study authors Nikolaus Fortelny & Christoph Bock

Ready and Vigilant: Immune Cells on Standby

When pathogens invade the body, the immune system must react immediately to prevent or contain an infection. But how do our defence cells stay ready when no attacker is in sight? Scientists from Vienna have found a surprising explanation: They are constantly stimulated by healthy tissue. This keeps them active and ready to respond to pathogens. Based on this insight, future medications could be devised to selectively enhance our immune system’s attention. The study has been published in the journal Nature Immunology (DOI: 10.1038/s41590-024-01804-1).

Communication is crucial in immune defence. When a virus infects a cell, the cell releases…

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Georg Winter, CeMM-PI and last author of the study

A shortcut for drug discovery: Novel method predicts on a large scale how small molecules interact with proteins

For most human proteins, there are no small molecules known to bind them chemically (so called “ligands”). Ligands frequently represent important starting points for drug development but this knowledge gap critically hampers the development of novel medicines. Researchers at CeMM, in a collaboration with Pfizer, have now leveraged and scaled a method to measure the binding activity of hundreds of small molecules against thousands of human proteins. This large-scale study revealed tens of thousands of ligand-protein interactions that can now be explored for the development of chemical tools and therapeutics. Moreover, powered by machine…

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CeMM Research Report 2023: On the path to utopia

We would like to present you the CeMM Research Report 2023 dedicated to: on the path to Utopia in research. It represents our endeavour to embrace the joy of dreaming and visualizing the future.

What does the future hold? We have embarked on a journey to envision the future, going beyond traditional planning to truly 'dream it up'. Inspired by the EU-LIFE Utopia Conference in Lisbon in 2023, we posed this question to the CeMM community, inviting anyone interested to translate their vision of CeMM's various aspects and spaces into graphics for the 2023 Research Report. Several accepted the challenge. Principal Investigator André Rendeiro, who…

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Light Show in Living Cells: New method allows simultaneous fluorescent labelling of many proteins

Observing proteins precisely within cells is extremely important for many branches of research but has been a significant technical challenge - especially in living cells, as the required fluorescent labelling had to be individually attached to each protein. The research group led by Stefan Kubicek at CeMM has now overcome this hurdle: With a method called "vpCells," it is possible to label many proteins simultaneously, using five different fluorescent colours. This automated high-throughput approach, aided by AI-assisted image recognition, opens up entirely new applications in various disciplines, from fundamental cell biology to drug…

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