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No research collaborations between CeMM and Russia or Belarus

At the moment, our first obligation and responsibility is towards our Ukrainian colleagues and coworkers.CeMM condemns the invasion of Ukraine and wholeheartedly wishes to express solidarity with the Ukrainian people. We also express solidarity with all Russians around the world who courageously oppose this unexplainable war. However,we respect the sanctions against Russia as a tool to stop it acting aggressively and breaking international law, and we follow the decision of the European Commission, various governments and funding organizations to suspend the cooperation with Russian entities in research, science and innovation. So, until further notice, there will be no research collaborations between CeMM and institutions in Russia or Belarus, and applications from Russians and Belarusians will only be processed, if it is possible without in substance circumventing sanctions. In addition, we would like to make it known that anyone of any nationality who makes excuses for the Russian invasion or its consequent war crimes will not be welcome at our institute.

Of course, we remain committed and fully supportive with all current Russian coworkers at CeMM as well as colleagues in the community, whom we do not wish to be discriminated in any sort of way. We enjoy a peaceful and highly collaborative spirit, and everybody at CeMM can rely on the continuation of our full support and training commitment.

Giulio Superti-Furga, Scientific Director CeMM
Anita Ender, Administrative Director CeMM