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Inclusiveness & Diversity

CeMM has a strong intellectual environment that stems from the international nature of its employees. Diversity and different cultural backgrounds are a clear advantage to our successful research, collaborations, and the daily professional interactions in our institute, where everybody follows a few basic principles: Professionalism, Politeness and Persistence. We actively promote respectful cooperation in an open and inclusive workplace, and we are committed to provide our employees with an optimal work environment where they can develop themselves and contribute to CeMM’s success in the field of medical research.

"More than 49 different nationalities are represented at CeMM, the Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. CeMM aims to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and inclusive. We recognize and appreciate that diversity is a clear advantage to successful research and collaborations. Our organizational culture is supportive and shaped by respect and value. We thank our CeMM members and colleagues for continuing to believe that CeMM is a special place, and for contributing to professionalism and kindness."

CeMM Directors Giulio Superti-Furga and Anita Ender

CeMM is partner in the LIBRA Project

CeMM has signed the #positivarbeiten declaration